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Mid-Columbia Adventist Christian School

The Mid Columbia Adventist Christian School (MACS) family exists to show children Jesus, nurture their love for Him and others, teach them to think and empower them to serve. MACS is operated by the Seventh-day Adventist Church to provide a spiritually oriented education for children. We seek to develop a life of faith in God and respect for the dignity of all human beings; to build character akin to that of the Creator; to nurture thinkers rather than mere reflectors of others' thoughts; to promote loving service rather than selfish ambition; to ensure maximum development of each individual's potential; and to embrace all that is true, good, and beautiful. An education of this kind imparts far more than academic knowledge. It fosters a balanced development of the whole person - physically, intellectually, socially, and spiritually. Working together, school, homes, and churches cooperate with divine agencies in preparing learners for responsible citizenship in this world and in the world to come. For more information: 541-386-3187 or  www.macshr.org

Update from Elaina Mathisen: “The staff of MACS are excited and thankful for the opportunity to open our doors to our parents to be able to Zoom at the school or at home under the license of Oregon state as an emergency child care facility.We have been working hard for weeks to meet the requirements and mandates of both the state and Oregon Conference to have this privilege. We praise the Lord for the opportunity to serve our parents and the community in this difficult time." School doors opened to children on Tuesday.

Good news! Zooming with the Emergency Childcare Center license is working well. We have such a good team here at MACS now. We have been allowed up to 20 students because we have a new aid, Melissa, who has gone through the hoops to comply with the state mandates for being physically present with the students. This is a great blessing for our parents who need to work. Many other students are Zooming with their parents at home successfully, as well. We are praying for the day when we can return to onsite education.