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Prayer Is Foundational

Mike and Marilee send greetings to you from central Thailand where they care for and support the spiritual and relational needs of both Seventh-day Adventist and Buddhist friends whom God has brought into their lives. 

Recently they shared that the most meaningful highlight for them of their 13 years in Thailand was to realize how much prayer has been foundational for every significant blessing unfolding all around them.

“As God brings us to mind, would you consider interceding as we assist with ASAP Ministries’ new training center based here at our church? The first group of 12 special young students from a limited-access country have arrived to be trained as self-supporting Bible workers.”

“It is a joy to see such eager, interested, and motivated young people who sincerely want to know and serve with Jesus in the difficult mission field of their homeland,” Mike and Merilee.


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