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Jesus for Asia Foreign Correspondents

For both Jonathan and Hannah, listening to and reading mission stories was a significant part of their growing up years. The desire to be a missionary came at a younger age for him than it did for her, but by the time they were in their teens, both had a serious desire to be in foreign missions. 

Much to Hannah’s surprise, her family accepted a call to Thailand when she was just sixteen. Six years at a refugee school on the Thai/Myanmar border flew by as she spent most of her time teaching but also did a wide variety of other things. 

For Jonathan, the long-term move came a little later, but by the time he moved to Thailand in 2016, he had already spent time in Africa at a TV station, in the jungles of Thailand teaching English, and in several countries filming various mission projects. 

It was near the end of Hannah’s time as a teacher at the refugee school and the beginning of Jonathan’s time as a missions videographer that their long time interest became an official relationship, and to make a long story short, they got married the next year. Since then they have lived in Thailand and spend most of their time either traveling to shoot video or at home editing the videos. 

To follow their work in Thailand, you can read the posts below.