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Spiritual Battles and Victories

Mike and Marilee request prayers for those who sacrifice much to go serve in an under-reached people group and who will experience cross-cultural difficulties and intense spiritual warfare. They find it “gut-wrenching” to watch missionaries go through this. At times, even marriages break under the intensity. They have tried to reach out to other missionaries during those times of need. They so appreciate the prayers and financial assistance that have enabled them to help in this way.

Twelve eager young people from a limited-access country came for three months to participate in the ASAP Bible worker training program near the Kiers’ home. Teaching and interacting with the students have given courage to them to “press toward the promised victory in Christ of a united witness to point thirsting Central Thais to the Lamb of God.”

Mike relates with joy that during a recent presentation at a health seminar in North Thailand, a Thai woman “fully gave her heart to Jesus for the first time” in response to his appeal!

Follow this link to a talk Mike gave to the attendees of the division-wide Spirit of Prophecy Conference held in Bangkok recently: <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G8aX7YBF6Oc&feature=youtu.be>.

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