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A Solemn Time

This is an extremely solemn time for the nation of Thailand. October 13 marks the one-year anniversary of the death of Thailand’s longest reigning king. The cremation of the king’s body will be on October 26.  

New requirements for foreigners living and serving in Thailand will be going into effect by the end of the year.  By God’s grace, we will be beginning the process this week of applying to receive a new Visa status.

On Friday we met with a young family who live in our city. They had contacted our Pastor saying they wanted to serve God and remove the idols out of their home. We went with the pastor to meet them. I gave a Bible study to the small group gathered in their home and then helped them take down and destroy their idols. We prayed with the family, rejoicing in their faith and courage to live by their convictions to serve the living God. They only had a softcover New Testament.  We were happy to be able to give them a full hardcover Thai KJV Bible before we left.

We have been preparing a lady for baptism who has been faithfully attending the church in our city for Sabbath worship for almost two years now. We praise God that she has made her decision to be baptized next Sabbath. Her faithfulness in serving God and working to win her husband’s heart to Christ has him also preparing to be baptized. His current employment with the Postal Service requires Sabbath work. We invite your prayers that he will put God first in his life by keeping Sabbath holy and soon join his wife in baptism.  

We praise God and thank you for partnering with us in our effort to minister to the hearts of the Thai people so they will know God’s love personally.

Prayerfully, from our hearts seeking to abide in Christ and reflect His character without blemish, Mike and Marilee


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