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Health and the 10/40 Window

Greetings from the midst of the 10/40 Window, where are located the greatest concentration of souls for whom Christ died. Here is where the vital importance of God’s last-day everlasting health message has yet to be brought to the attention of the masses. And now God seems to be providing a supernatural opening to make His elements of health and healing known through His surrendered representatives. The enemy seems to have designed this global virus crisis for evil, but God is using the occasion to get the attention of the whole world for good. 

Click this link to a video health series we arranged in Thailand just prior to the maximum COVID-19 restrictions: <https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLBtAGBn6TdSEWgfksBHGqI9yks4mzUq7k

To support Mike and Marilee’s ministry with an on-line financial gift, go to <https://jesus4asia.org/invest/country-thailand/volunteer-ministry-international/>.


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