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Mike's Path to Thailand, Part 1

As a college-aged young adult I suddenly experienced an invisible attack choking me to death! I had never felt so terrified! Utterly paralyzed, one thought flashed though my mind. I cried “HELP!” up to heaven with all the force of my being! Instantly the evil power was gone! 

In that moment I knew two things: 1) Evil is real. 2) God is real. And I NEVER wanted to experience that again! From that point I became intensely serious to find real answers to my many questions.

A lot happened quickly after what seemed an extreme clash between the power of darkness and the power of Light over my soul. New friends brought me to visit some people they knew. I remember while visiting one home, the young father asked me what work I did. I eagerly told him about how much I enjoyed my job in the city. He listened patiently.

When I finished, he clarified his question. What are you doing to tell others about what you have experienced and how your life has been changing?

That thought had never entered my mind.

He said, Do you know that there is a plan for your life?

I had never heard of such a thing.

He said, there is a plan for your life. Do you want to know what it is?

Yes, I do! 

He instructed me to buy a set of nine books called the Testimonies. He said, the first few books show what the final judgment is like. The last few books reveal the plan for your life. My friends guided me to where I could buy these books.

During lunch break, I often went to a city park to eat lunch in quiet surrounded by the beauty of nature. There I would eat my lunch and read through a book of the Testimonies. At times I just wept. Sometimes my heart seemed to be melting in deeply profound ways. Over time the plan for my life started to take more shape. I began to have a clear sense that one day I would leave my own country. I would go where other people did not know about the peace and joy and hope I was finding. I did not know when or where or how. I just knew one day I would go. (To be continued in our next blog post…)

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