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God Is the Perfect Guide

Something that we are very thankful for right now is that we have brand new one-year visas! That was two weeks ago actually that we got them, but we are still so thankful especially after the reminder that they could always turn you down (which it seemed like they might for reasons I won’t detail).

There’s something else exciting that happened shortly before that too. We had a need for curtains in a room in our house, and through a series of closed doors and an open one, I ended up going into a curtain store that we had noticed before had some Christian literature out front of it. We’ve actually prayed a lot that God will lead us to open minded, sincere Christians that we can share the three angels’ messages with who can then help to reach their own people so I had the thought very quickly that maybe I needed to meet someone at the shop. 

The owner was the one who helped me with my purchase, and while he was writing out the bill, I finally asked him if he was Christian. He said he was as well as several of his workers. He asked if I was a Christian and seemed so happy to hear I was. He also asked if we are missionaries, and after that wouldn’t call me anything but “Ajan” which is what you would call a pastor or professor. (We protest such a title, but some people still call us that. ;) ) 

The next day Jonathan went with me to pick up the curtains and to meet Top (the shop owner). We are very hopeful and praying that this will be someone that we can get to know much better and share the three angels’ messages with. (Watch this for a different set of details to the story.)

We’re thankful. Thankful that God arranges things in our lives for us to come into contact with people when we otherwise wouldn’t. Meeting Top was one of those experiences. Another was when we saw Joe and Molly just as we entered the park to exercise (after I prayed specifically that we would see them that evening), and then God arranged the timing perfectly for me to be able to visit more with them later before meeting up with Judy. I’m also thankful for the clear impressions of the Holy Spirit to ask questions that will hopefully lead to further thought in the hearts of people we’re trying to reach out to. God is the perfect guide. 

Something you can pray for is another unreached city located in Eastern Thailand called Kantaralak. There is a family in the US that is planning to come to start work in that city, but before they arrive, Jesus for Asia is planning to have a prayer walk over Zoom with people around the world uniting in prayer for this unreached city. Please pray for us as we go there to film and be the feet on the ground during the prayer walk. The prayer walk will be Nov 5 in the US or Nov 6 here. (Let us know if you want more details so you can join.)

Until next time . . .

God bless each of you! 

Jonathan and Hannah
Foreign Correspondents

Jonathan is starting to look more Thai! The hat is great for keeping the grass off his face while he weed eats.
This garden has taken a lot more time than we anticipated, but with some wonderful help from Jonathan's parents this past week or so, we've made much faster progress. Hope to have plenty of produce to share some day!
Our friend, Judy, from Kenya, made us some chapatis. Jonathan said they tasted just like they did in Kenya when he was there several years ago. 
We had some pretty major rain recently. The amazing part is that the weather hasn't been so hot since then!