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Maybe It'll Change My Life

Dear friends and family,

I don’t know if any of you have moved recently, but Jonathan and I were in for a bit of a surprise this time around! I had gone back and forth between pessimism and optimism about whether or not all the stuff still in our house would fit in four pickup truck loads (two loads of which were already at the new house). We would find out soon enough though. 

It was Monday afternoon, and I had been struggling a bit (or a lot) to muster up the energy to get all the last minute stuff packed and get the house cleaned, but God had already arranged with some friends to show up that afternoon and what a help they were! A couple of friends helped with the packing a cleaning, and others helped get things on the trucks. 

By early evening, I was still wavering between doubt and belief that our stuff would all fit, when I started to round up our herd of plants. And I mean our HERD of plants. We had never put them all in one place, and well, we had no idea how many we really had! They were definitely not all going to fit. But again God had arranged for another friend to come by who offered to take a bunch of the plants home for his wife to care for until we could come get them later. Isn’t God good?

Tuesday morning, we tied the last few things on top of our truck and handed over the keys to our landlord. It was amazing to finally be done with that part of the process! We had one more thing to do before leaving town though. 

We wanted to share books with some people in our community — one of which was a Japanese guy that runs an organic fertilizer company down the road. Jonathan had found out a while back that he had some background in Catholicism, and that he seemed quite open to spiritual things. He’d had the idea to share a Great Controversy with him, so we dropped by on our way out. After chatting for a bit, Jonathan gave him the book and explained a bit of what it is about. Then as he walked back to our truck with us, he said (about the book), “Maybe it’ll change my life. I need that!” Maybe it will. Please pray for Joe. 

Until next time . . .

God bless each of you! 

Jonathan and Hannah
Foreign Correspondents

Picture at the top: Us with our landlord (back) and next door neighbor (right) the morning we left. 

We had to scramble for lack of time, but we had the blessing of planting more than 30 papaya trees for our neighbor (the one in the picture below) just shortly before we moved.
Our next door neighbor who would like to refer to us as her adopted children. Please pray for her and her husband to be moved by the Holy Spirit to read and understand the copies of Steps to Christ and Great Controversy that we shared with them.
P. S. We made a trip recently that took us back to Chiangmai, and we got to bring our plants home! They were a truckload in themselves!