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Pushed Outside My Comfort Zone (Click on the title for for version with pictures.)

Dear friends and family,

Have you ever been friendless? I have. Or at least I’ve thought I was. I (Hannah) remember being on a church campout for the weekend and feeling like I didn’t have any friends. After bemoaning my situation though, God led me to the realization that I wasn’t the only one who needed a friend, and that I could probably go make friends with another girl who also seemed lonely. That afternoon I made friends with a girl I probably never would have had I not been lonely. 

You know, I’m coming to realize that there are benefits to being away from family and friends. I love family and like-minded friends, but that’s kind of the problem. It’s so much easier to connect with them than with others that I usually stick with what’s easy and neglect to reach out to people who aren’t so “easy” to connect with. That’s exactly what’s happened for me/us here in Nakhon Sawan. 

Since moving here, we’ve had the privilege of getting to know so many people who don’t speak our native language, don’t understand our culture, and don’t share our religion. This isn’t what I would naturally choose. I’ve struggled all my life to step out of my comfort zone and get to know people who are different than I’m used to. God has ways of helping us though, and I’m so thankful He put us here.

One group of people that we’ve been getting to know is the people who exercise at the “island.” (It’s a piece of land between the river and a water canal with a 2.5 km loop.) They have welcomed us into their circle so quickly, and we’ve both gotten to exercise with and chat with several of them. 

Please pray for us as we get to know these people better. Seeing how kind and friendly they are makes me think that the Holy Spirit must be working in their hearts. We hope and pray that our friendships will grow to the place of being able to share the gospel with them. 

One more quick thing though. Jonathan decided to do a daily-video-for-a-whole-month challenge on Mission Viewfinder this month. We’ve had all sorts of things going up from regular vlogs to songs about mission work. We’ve also had some really good stories, and this one is maybe my favorite. :) 

Watch here > Sharing the Porch With an Enemy

Looking forward to what God has in store in the coming month!

Until next time . . .

God bless each of you! 

Jonathan and Hannah
Foreign Correspondents