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2020 05 01

I returned to Asia to attend a wedding and a graduation. I missed both—the wedding date was changed and the graduation cancelled. But I was able to attend another graduation and wedding for one of the young people I've supported through gospel-worker training. I'm thrilled that she and her new husband (one of her classmates) have accepted a call to a remote village to build up a church. 



I am now with my Karen family in the mountains. Travel is restricted except for urgent matters, and each family must worship in their own homes on Sabbaths. Otherwise, we are working around the house and in the fields preparing for planting rice. We are far from any cases of COVID-19. But still, people are afraid, which gives us the opportunity to share tips on how to live a healthy life and the hope we have in the promise of Jesus' soon coming.  Stay faithful, and keep us in your prayers.  Sarah.

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