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Sowing in Thailand


Jim and Irene––a pretty unlikely pair of missionaries! A mental health counselor and a home school mom with grown  kids––doesn't sound like missionary material, but what God most needs is willing hearts. In 2011 they told God they were "willing" and God unexpectedly gave them a call to garden/farm at a refugee school in Thailand. They made two short term trips to the school but were unable to go there until 2017 at which time the door closed! Another trip in 2018 failed to reveal a specific call. In 2019 Jim and Irene sold their home and 5 of their 15 acres and moved to Bangkok to study the language. 

Language that would surely have been easy (easier) 30-40 years ago stretched their brains. Their pastor (who is also the Thailand Adventist Mission (TAM) secretary) suggested they work at a Thai church school to improve their language skills. A few months later he asked Jim to start an agriculture program to produce food and develop a student work program for Mae Lako Christian School on the western border of Thailand. About the same time, Covid struck and the government quit processing visas, including religious affiliation visas. Jim and Irene returned to the states in May to attend son, Josiah's, ordination and are currently waiting for the borders to open so they can return.

When in Thailand they write a newsletter every two weeks. Below are some highlights of their experience...

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