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"HOME" Bangkok Style - March 22 2019

Don’t envision us in a bamboo hut fighting off snakes and scorpions! Bangkok is an international city. Many people speak a little English, like our apartment manager, many vendors at the market, clerks at department stores, etc. Most signs are in Thai script and English. We’ve learned that most of the caucasians we see are not American and not speaking English.

Language learning in Bangkok is only a temporary first step for six months or so. We had anticipated living like college kids in a studio apartment with a bed, a table, (for studying, cooking and eating!) and bathroom with hot water for this short term. Instead the Lord provided all that in an apartment almost twice that size with a “living room” and separate kitchen (important detail because cooking creates a lot of heat.) for the same or less money than smaller apartments we had considered.

Kitchen! 4.5 ft x 6.5 ft:  frig to right, sink with about 2.5 ft. of counter left of it. We purchased a blender, rice cooker, crock pot, single hot plate and two pans…and we eat well!
So much to be thankful for. We’re happy here. Language school is a struggle but we are progressing and plan to start Module 2 on Friday, (unless we fail! Then we’ll do Module 1 again! :-)