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Stateside News - July 15 2020

I had my last chiropractic appointment 6/30. I told him the tape was irritating and my shoulder hurt and asked him how to tell when the bones were knit together. The doctor said, “Usually when they quit hurting, so you’ve healed pretty fast, 3 weeks is unusual.” I had to correct him — it had been TWO weeks since I fell and broke my rib(s)! He was astonished. God is good. I still have some muscle tightness and shoulder issues on the left side but am mostly functional…and can, with a little pain, get a spoon to my mouth in my left hand.

We drove to Grants Pass on Wed July1, visiting friends on the way. We had a wonderful time together with Daniel and Rebekah…emphasis on together. I wasn’t quite up to hiking or tootling around, so we mostly chatted and took a few short walks. We were willing guinea pigs to test Rebkah’s Salsa Bread and Raspberry Scones… we endured!  ;-P I slept in their recliner as has been my custom recently. We returned Sunday July 5, again visiting friends and arriving at Kathy’s late.

This week I’ve seen continued improvement. I’ve picked several gallons of raspberries (not all at once!) and the reaching-stretching has been good for my left arm and shoulder…a wider range of motion every day. Kathy has a nice little garden that I have been weeding which is also good physical therapy. 

Kathy was a missionary in China for 11 years and two of her contacts married and have three children (they consider Kathy their “spiritual ‘Mother.’”)  Their oldest, Daniel (16) has been attending a boarding academy in Tennessee. He was unable to return to China for summer break because of COVID (like us, he could go home, but might have difficulty returning to the states for school.) Consequently Kathy, who has no children, has been a surrogate grandmother this summer. It has been helpful to chat with Daniel about cultural differences and see some of those played out in relationships.  God doesn’t waste my “down” time… missionary training school continues!


Jim has been on the property this week continuing the water project.   The pipes and conduit are all in place and the ditches are ready to be backfilled.  The little room in the garage for the pressure tank is 3/4 insulated and nearly ready for wallboard.  We’re pumping water out of the well to attempt to clear the iron and waiting for results of water testing and recommendations for a treatment system.  We appear to have an iron bacteria problem.  The filter temporarily installed has already started reducing water pressure due to buildup of what looks like mostly iron. Anyone have a good experience to share in fixing that problem?  We’re getting close to being done with that project so we can move on to the next one.  Oh, and lots and lots of mowing….

FYI - We will go to Faith Camp West at the Hayden Lake (ID) SDA church this Wed. (7/15) through Sun. It is sponsored by Jesus for Asia and focuses on missions and has reports from missionaries, including us! We’re scheduled to speak July 16. You can watch it on the Jesus for Asia Facebook page. In 2007 our oldest son, Daniel announced he was going to “Faith Camp” to meet and volunteer to work with a mission pilot! We followed along and it was several years later Jim was invited to Thailand while at Faith Camp. We declined to go until my mother passed away…and now we’re there, but we’re not!!  — we're in the "waiting room."

God Bless your week,

Jim and Irene

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