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Josiah's Ordination - More Waiting - Sept 8 2020

It’s been a month since I've updated… It’s hard to write when there is no news  :-/  We are still anxiously awaiting to return to Thailand. We spoke to the Thai Consulate in LA and learned that if we had a work permit we could return now; if we are “volunteers” we must wait.  We are hoping the Thailand Adventist Mission can initiate Jim's work permit allowing us to return… When we left, the government offices regulating work permits were closed… now? we don’t know. Waiting is hard, but it’s not a bad thing.

One of our objectives for returning to America was to be at Josiah’s pastoral ordination that was originally planned for June. COVID cancelled that, potentially until next year. Josiah finally suggested we get tickets and come visit because there was no imminent date for his ordination. In early August we bought tickets for the 26th to Sept 2. A week before our trip, Josiah learned the conference wanted to schedule his ordination. He told them his parents were planning to be there the next week; could it happen then? The ministerial director said there was maybe a 5% chance that the people involved would have their schedules open on August 29…  But they did! Seeing how God arranged the schedules and timing for this event, reassures us that our return to Thailand is being arranged according to His schedule. Waiting is a bit easier.

It was a beautiful afternoon service at the Tawas City SDA Church with members from all three of his churches present, (they love Pastor Josiah!) So thankful we could be there. Josiah’s testimony, that was included in the program, is below.

Of course we spent time with the younger generation too. Abbie (2) and Caleb (3) are very verbal and active… they warmed right up to Grandpa and Grandma, probably because of our frequent FaceTime contacts. We enjoyed the face-to-face even more.

Time is passing and the days feel a bit like fall. We want to be in Thailand but we do have options if we must be here. Jim has almost completed an outhouse and we have a small garage/shop on our 15 acres. We are thinking to insulate that, move in a wood stove we have and a bed from the shipping container. That probably won’t provide for the whole winter, but would take us through late fall and early spring if need be. Kathy has offered to share her home for the winter, (this is where Irene spent a month healing her broken ribs,) and there are several other possibilities too. God has a plan, we will keep you posted as it unfolds.