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February 15, 2019 BANGKOK!


We are alive and well! Our God is amazing!  

We closed on the house Jan 31 and finished moving out Feb 1. Spent that weekend with son, Daniel and Rebekah in Grants Pass and the week with my sister in Portland. Finished details on our property and with vehicles. Did final errands, settled banking arrangements and watched the snow start to fall on Friday night. The gorge was a mess and we missed our final farewell to White Salmon  :-/  Predictions of heavy snowfall this week but the Lord opened a window for our Sunday a.m. flight (Feb 10) and we left PDX and SEA in sunshine! Since then over 3 feet has fallen back home. We were blessed with a VERY mild winter (needed for our moving) and then it all breaks loose just as we leave. God was merciful and saved us from the fury and delays of the storm.

Jonathan and Hannah had come to Bangkok and scoped out apartments for us. We met them Mon. at 10:30 PM at the airport. They taxied us to our hotel and the next morning we began our hunt. By 2:00 pm we had signed a contract at UD Towers near Victory Monument. We expected a 24-28 sq.m. studio apt. The Lord provided 42 sq.m. apt. with a “living room” and kitchen (kind of a closet sized room next to the deck off the bedroom) with a large wardrobe and lots of storage space. We're thrilled and stand in awe of what God hath wrought. Our window looks out on a lot full of trees and... the birds sing in BKK!  :-D

We moved in Tues night and spent Wed. shopping. So thankful for Jonathan and Hannah’s assistance translating and teaching us the ins and outs of city life before returning to Chiang Mai this a.m. We’ve been on BTS, bus,  taxi, and Grab (think Uber). Been to Tesco Lotus (think Fred Meyer), Makros (think Costco), and Big C (think Walmart.) We have a phone and an address and two weeks to adjust and settle before school starts March 1.

We marvel at God’s tender watch care and mercy. I’m tempted to think God has done all this wonderful work for us and in two weeks we need to do our part at language school! Really??  Correction — God has done all this wonderful work for us as evidence of what he yet plans to do IN us and FOR us when we start language school.  Thank you for your prayers and love…

in His service,
Irene and Jim